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I'm just a regular guy who spends his free time drawing. I'm regularly busy with other things so i don't upload as much as wish to. Hope To improve with every opportunity I get.
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Hello to anyone reading this and thank you for taking the time to do so. So as some of you are aware by now, we finally got conformation for more upcoming DLC in Super Smash Bros 4. We already know that Mewtwo and Lucas are coming, but apparently, more are expected through come according to the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot. For those unaware of it still, it is a ballot on the Smash Bros website where you can vote for what character you want to see make it in as a DLC character in Smash (here's a link 

So I decided to do something here in my page concerning about the ballot. I will be making artwork of the top 5 characters I would like to see hopefully make it in as DLC. I will be uploading a new character and explain my reasoning for each one. Please keep in mind that these are my personal choices and I hope you can be respectful of them. I haven't decided on how many I will vote for, but hopefully your opinions will help me decide. Anyways, on with the first pick

5: Lana Smash Ballot Option 5: Lana by SnowmanEX711

I really like Lana :happybounce: !! She is probably my favorite character to use in all of Hyrule Warriors. She has awesome abilities, a fantastic design, and a likable personality. I feel that she can bring in some awesome things into Smash and I think it will be the best way to show appreciation for Hyrule Warriors (it is one of the more successful Wii U titles out there). I just I have a couple of problems about her that make me skeptical voting for her. For one, she's only appeared in one game, and it wasn't even canon to the Zelda series. Also, she was created a third party company as far as I'm concern, not directly by Nintendo. I feel that it is because of this, she won't be considered a good option for most people :( (Sad). But even with her hindrances, I feel it would be awesome to see her make it in :D (Big Grin).

4: Rundas Smash Ballot Option 4: Rundas by SnowmanEX711

Here's possibly the oddest and least likely of my candidates Sweating a little..., Rundas from Metroid Prime 3. I picked him for a couple of reasons, but the greatest one is that... METROID DESPERATELY NEEDS ANOTHER REPRESENTATIVE!! (Splitting Samus into 2 characters doesn't count). It was always hard to think of another rep since Metroid doesn't have that much memorable characters that aren't Samus or some big ass monster we recognize (please don't bring up Ridley argument, that has already been settled). When I was thinking of one, Rundas immediately popped in mind since I feel that he is the best character I can think of that could work in Smash. One, he was a memorable character that developed a pretty good fan base when he was introduced. Two, we know enough about him that we can form a workable moveset. Three, he's not that abnormally large compared to other characters we have seen in the Metroid series. His height can actually be scaled that it won't look too weird if scaled in Smash. And Fourth... Smash needs another ice character since the only ones in the series had to be removed >_<. Now for my skepticism, I don't think Rundas is that popular to fit in Smash. I mean, he's only appeared in ONE FREAKING GAME, and he had to be KILLED off in it, which happened about 8 FREAKING years ago now. So yeah, his popularity isn't as big anymore so I don't think people would be to hyped to see him make a come back. That really sucks because at this point, Samus is gonna stay a loner in Smash for more years to come :( (Sad).  

3. Shantae Request: Shantae by SnowmanEX711

Finally I place the next candidate here on my list. Here is number 3, Shantae the half genie hero :D (Big Grin). Unlike my previous two entries, I feel like she has a pretty good chance of getting into Smash DLC. She is one of the most requested characters at the moment thanks to WayForward's approval to allow the character to be used and simply because of her history in Nintendo consoles. Not only that but I mean, just look at her! Her design just screams "I'm perfect for SmashHi!!!" I will be honest and say that I have never played a Shantae game before, so I'm not all to sure about her abilities, but I know she's got quite some nifty tricks like using her ponytail as a whip or transforming into some kind of animal, so I see that she has enough to work a move set around. However, she's still a Third Party character which means it has to come down to Nintendo if they feel that adding one is necessary. Not only that, she's got quite some competition in the Third Party department seeing how characters like Shovel Knight, Banjo-Kazooie, and Rayman are also just as highly requested. But whatever the case may be, I think Shantae would be another awesome female to add to the roster :D (Big Grin).

2. King K. Rool Smash Ballot Vote 2: King K. Rool by SnowmanEX711

Another entry finally (not like anyone is going to look at it still at this point Sweating a little...). Here is the second to last entry for my Smash Bros Ballot vote, the original Donkey Kong bady, King K Rool. I feel that the Donkey Kong series suffers the same problem as Metroid, lack of representation. The difference is, the DK series actually has options for newcomers that could appear in Smash. When it comes to newcomers here, it's normally between K Rool here or Dixie Kong. I honestly would prefer to see K Rool make it in because he badly needs to make a return in a game, he has enough abilities to create a moveset for, and most importantly, it would add another antagonist to the series (we know how bad Smash is in that department -_-). By the looks of it, K Rool seems to have one of the best chances of getting in at the moment, so that's really the main reason why I placed him this high on my list. Actually, I think he has an even better chance of getting in than any of my options, even higher than my number one pick. But number one has more personal value to see it make it in. Still, I will be very hyped to see K Roll make it in :D (Big Grin).

1. Ice Climbers Smash Ballot Vote 1: Ice Climbers by SnowmanEX711

Finally, I have reached the end of this overdue project. For anyone who is interested anymore, here it is, my number one pick for DLC in Smash, Ice Climbers!! Boy, do I got quite a lot to say about this pick and here it is. I know some of you are probably weird because I made my number one pick a veteran character (or veterans) rather than see a newcomer make it in. I'm sorry but I just can't help it Sweating a little.... These guys have been my mains for the past two games that they've become major players in my video game life. They were also some of the most unique characters in the entire series that I have seen ever work in a game. As such, they had quite some popularity in the Smash community, both casual and pro. You can imagine the rage I had seeing them cut from this installment, which bring me to my next point unfortunately.

*sigh* Before anyone in the comments mentions this, YES!! I Understand Why They Were Cut From This Installment! I understand that Sakurai could not get them to work in the 3DS and all (I remind myself every timeAngry emoticon). Which is why I believe the following. If even after this whole time, the team still cannot figure out a way for them to work, I think the best chance now would be to I guess make them into just a single character than a duo. Sure it will take away the mechanic that made them unique in the first place, but at this point, I'm willing to accept anything to see these guys return. Just tweak certain aspect in their gameplay to make them more fitting for this new engine (you can't even chain grab anymore so...). Besides, It would be more fitting for the characters since you did only control one of them in the original game Shrug. But then again, this does sound a bit of a stretch in the end. We all know how Sakurai wants to always maintain characters the same style and move sets in every game, so I find it very unlikely that he would go through with such an idea :( (Sad).

But Alas, this is my opinion after all. Maybe by some crazily insane miracle, these two do make it in to the roster? Even though it is very unlikely at this point that they will return, this kick-ass duo will always be number one my heart Thanks for everything!.    

So here is the list of my top DLC choices for SSB4. What do you guys think? Who would you guys like to see? Who would you vote for?

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